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In 2015, I was faced with debilitating physical ailments. I could no longer work and my financials were running dry!

For the first time in my life I felt mortal, vulnerable and helpless. I realized so much of my physical suffering was based on my pride and my own resistance to getting help. This is when I turned to Massage Therapy and a regular Yoga practice.


From that point on things changed at such deep fundamental levels that I have never looked back and never felt better. Experiencing first hand the tremendous benefits of effective Bodywork, I went back to school so that I could share and assist those on their healing journey and contribute to the healing arts community.


Whether it's frozen shoulder, SI joint pain, anxiety, nerve lesions, post trauma, sport related injury, chronic fatigue syndrome - I look forward to sharing the gift of healing touch with you.


Markus Bauman


Mountain View


“Receiving a seriously good effective massage is sometimes all you need. My low back has never felt this good. Thank you!!”


Bamboo Stick Massage
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